A Word From The Pastor

How He Lived

January 11, 2015
Pastor Kaiser
Thank you for attending our services this morning!  We are honored that you have chosen Bethel to hear the Word of God.  If you are a visitor please fill out a visitor’s card and place it in the offering plate as it goes by you.  Our prayer is that you will be closer to the Lord after your visit today.
Not, how did he die?
But, how did he live
Not, what did he gain?
But, what did he give?
These are the merits
To measure the worth
Of a man as man.
Regardless of birth.
Not, what was his station?
But, had he a heart?
And how did he play
His God-given part?
Was he ever ready
With word of good cheer
To bring a smile,
To banish a tear?
Not what was his church?
Nor, what was his creed?
But had he befriended
Those really in need?
Not what did the sketch
In the newspaper say?
But, how many were sorry
When he passed away?