A Word From The Pastor


February 19, 2017
Pastor Kaiser


O Lord God what is your plan;
For such as me a lowly man.
Sometimes I wonder what I am to do;
But all I can think of is to follow you.

Obedience is really all you ask;
And I try my best at such a task.
There's just so much I don't know;
Just so much I would like for you to show.

There are so many questions I have for you;
So many things I need to know how to do.
Questions like what will my future be like;
Where will I go, will there be strife?

But who am I to know what you have planned;
I am here to do your will and work the land.
I suppose obedience is really the only thing;
Patience and meekness I pray, and your praises I will sing.

So to follow you is all I can do;
So you can work your plan and do what you want to.
Just direct me Lord is all I pray;
Help me to be your lamb and your word obey.

by Dakota Henderson